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Unicode is a system standardized by the International Standardisation Organization (ISO) for coding of text characters (like letters, syllable characters, ideograms etc.). Unicode is the attempt to summarize world-wide all well-known text characters in one character set.
The Unicode character set is divided into several planes. Normally only the first plane, called the "Basic Multilingual Plane" (BMP), is used.
In Unicode, matching characters are united into so-called scripts:
After the Latin alphabet follow the Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew etc. up to the CJK writings. CJK is an acronym for "China, Japan and Korea". It is common to these three countries that they use all a considerable number of ideographs, which go back historically to the Chinese Han dynasty. This Han ideographes are called hanzi in China, kanji in Japan and hanja in Korea and they are summarized as CJK characters in Unicode.

CJK Scripts

Writing SystemLocations Used Scripts Used
Simplified ChinesePeople's Pepublic of China, SingapurHanzi
Traditional ChinedeTaiwan, HongkongHanzi

Basic CJK Fontstyles

Writing SystemSimilar to SerifSimilar to Sans Serif
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)SongHei




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