About (URW)++

URW++ has established itself in the graphic design industry by continually developing and marketing innovative font and software products.
Based on our technical font production skills, we are particularly successful in the area of corporate type development and production as well as a supplier of so-called world or global fonts for OEM customers. 
Additionally, we distinguish ourselves by a comprehensive non-Latin font offering. Many of our popular Latin font designs are available in full WGL4 character set including Eastern European glyphs, Cyrillic as well as Greek! On top of that, we feature a fair variety of Japanese, Chinese and Korean fonts (CJK) as well as Indic Devanagari fonts. URW++ employs both Japanese and Chinese native speakers, and enjoys long-lasting partnerships in Tokyo and Shanghai. 
We are well equipped to meet the growing demand in the OEM and Corporate Company market for so-called Global Fonts resp. World Fonts.

In addition to the development of URW++ software and type products, we have a strategic partnership with the Dutch Type Library (DTL), DT ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

DTL stands for ultra high-quality digital type designs. We are very proud to be DTL’s exclusive distribution partner in Germany. Based on our long-lasting friendship with DTL, we are developing the DTL Font Master Utilities together with Frank Blokland, president and founder of DTL. DTL Font Master was released in 2002 and is marketed to type designers successfully.

The URW++Film: The Cutting Edge of Type Technology on Youtube (full version)

Mission Statement

We see ourselves, above all, as highly skilled technical font manufacturers and software engineers. Besides the production and marketing of our font library, we continually develop our IKARUS font design and production software tools. We want to make sure that we meet the technical font requirements of our markets at all times in order to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Our target is to become a global font player offering OpenType fonts with global Unicode based character sets responding to the growing demand for such world fonts!



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