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Sample (GIF-File)

Embedded via @ font-face

EOT: Beispielschrift
WOFF: Beispielschrift
TTF: Beispielschrift
SVG: Beispielschrift

If the sample script does not match with the sample GIF, this data format is not supported by your browser.

MS Internet Explorer OK From V 9 FRom V 9 X
Edge From V 12 OK OK X
Mozilla Firefox X OK OK X
Chrome X OK OK Until V 31
Opera X OK OK X
Safari X OK OK OK
iOS Safari X OK OK OK
Opera Mini X X X X
Android Browser X From V 4.4 OK Until V 4.4.4
Chrome for Androit X OK OK X


For further questions please contact us either via telephone at 040-6060550 or via e-mail at info(at)urwpp.de.

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