Engraving Fonts

Digital Type, founded in 1985, is solely devoted to the development of digital typefaces. Beyond the many letter type design contracts fulfilled, Digital Type has much experience in the creation of engraving fonts which is clearly demonstrated in this edition of 54 fonts, available in PostScript and TrueType for both Mac and PC. Engraving fonts of Digital Type are developed from original types of the URW library and are carefully adjusted to the needs of the engraver. This means, that they fulfill the highest typographic requirements and, on the other hand, guarantee shortest faultless computer and machine running times.

Single stroke fonts are perfectly simulated and even keep some of the contrast between vertical and horizontal lines. Besides this they give perfect screen fonts. Nevertheless they can be used in extreme small type sizes. The four and more line fonts give in stepless type sizes, engraved with the corresponding tools, an unobjectionable typographic result.This is also obtained by our excellent spacing, that we have optimized during many proofing tests. When using single and more line fonts inside the same lettering job, Digital Type engraving fonts are well balanced with each other.

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