Global Fonts

The development and expansion of global markets and new technologies have brought new challenges and demands for font manufacturers. New products by Western companies are pushing into the Near East and the Asian markets. In order to be successful, such products must be equipped with Asian writing systems fonts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more.

Not only so-called Embedded Devices in cell phones, information system units in cars, washing-machines, control systems, medical devices etc. need global fonts but literally all products marketed globally. For instance, think of Unicode-based online ordering systems that must be able to read and process orders and other incoming information from any point of the world, and in any writing system as well. Another example are products of chemical firms which have to include usage instructions and packaging in any non-Latin script. Or think of web based technical documentation systems providing information worldwide. There are many more applications where global fonts are needed, and thus, it is easy to understand that the market for global fonts increases steadily, obviously also in combination with corporate type.

URW++, being the inventor of digital outline fonts and a pioneer in font technology, has developed and licensed its IKARUS software for more than 30 years for and to Asian customers, enhancing the system step by step to meet the requirements of non-Latin font design and digitization, above all Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Kanji and Hangul. We have learned quite a lot about these scripts and also produced our own range of CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fonts together with our Asian cooperation and Joint Venture partners.

All Global Fonts contain approximately 35.000 up to 65,000 glyphs including the complete CJK glyph set. Besides all Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyphs as well as the complete CJK glyph set, Nimbus Sans Global, Nimbus Roman Global and Nimbus Mono Global also cover Japanese Katakana and Hiragana plus Korean Hangual syllables. Furthermore they are supporting Armenain, Gerogian, Thai , Arabic (including Farsi and Urdu) and Hebrew as well as Devanagari (Hindi).


Outlines und Bitmaps

Besides today's outline fonts (mostly in TrueType), we also offer a wide range of hand-tuned low resolution bitmaps from 10 ppm for CJK. Other than Latin fonts, CJK Kanjis are not hinted for low resolution rendering, simply because it is too much work to manually optimize the CJK Kanjis. That is also true for Korean Hangul; the complete Hangul syllable set comprises more than 11,000 glyphs.

Technical information

All our Globalfonts are available in the native Windows and Mac OS X TrueType Unicode (2-Byte) format.

TrueType Unicode format is identical with OpenType format with TrueType flavoured outlines.

Our Globalfonts have integrated, additional OpenType language features, e.g. for Arabic and Devanagari. In Arabic, for example, there are four separate position-dependent forms for each individual character, and for Indic scripts like Devanagari the syntax is even more complex.

Language features are supported by Windows/MS-Office and by specialized high-end graphic programs like InDesign ME (= Middle East) with special functions for Arabic and Hebrew.

Indic Scripts are supported at the present time only in MS-Office on the PC side.

Our Globalfonts have a file size of approx. between 10 – 20 MB per font weight. We recommend using the screen option “ClearType” for the best possible reproduction of the typeface on the monitor.

Product Available File Formats Price
Nimbus Sans Global Light TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Sans Global Regular TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Sans Global Medium TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Sans Global Bold TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Sans Global Mono TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Roman Global Regular  TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
Nimbus Roman Global Bold TrueType Unicode 1.950,- € in den Warenkorb
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